General Data Protection Regulation Statement



The General Data Protection Regulation hasbeen introduced to strengthen controls over the use of Personal Data of all individuals within the EU. It applies to companies outside of the EU that deal with information about EU citizens.

See for more information.


Data retention

OyezStore only uses identifying data for the particular purpose of enabling you to order items via this website, and to allow you to see a history of your activity on this web site.

Oyez will process your data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation at all times.

If you do not login to your account for three years, Oyez will delete your account data.


Obtaining a copy of your data.

You can download a copy of all identifying data held by Oyez by logging into your account and selecting your profile. Data can be downloaded as a csv file.


Your right to be forgotten

You can request that your data be deleted at anytime by emailing