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All Oyez Forms, including our Legal, Landlord & Tenant and Employment ranges are available in software format.

If you are a regular user of legal forms it's time you considered the Oyez range.

With instant updates, enhanced functionality, easy forms sharing, 5-star support and a new enhanced version ready for delivery, we know we have more to offer than any other UK legal forms provider. Our range of more than 1900 forms supports a wide range of legal functions and are adaptable to both professional and business requirements.

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Software Benefits

Unlimited access to all the forms you need for an entire year.

UpdateOur forms are constantly monitored and updated by our experience legal editorial team. Your forms library automatically synchronises with our central library in a quick and simple single-click operation.

Enhanced Functionality

For ease-of-use and faster completion, we've added additional features and automatic calculations to some of the more complex legal forms. Our IHT-400 (all) and IHT-100 (all) include all the schedules that are required whilst our Form-E incorporates auto calculations and the facility to append additional pages to cater for more assets.

This additional flexibility ensures that all the necessary information is incorporated quickly and easily into your forms.

Automatic Updates

As a user of legal forms you know they change regularly. With the Oyez Active Library feature you will never have to worry about whether the form you are using is fully compliant.

In a simple, one-click function, our Active Library feature ensures your legal forms are always kept up-to-date by synchronising with our central forms database.

PDF Exports

Oyez Forms allows you to distribute your documents in this widely accepted format. We offer a fully integrated PDF engine with no separate installations or additional charges for this invaluable tool.

Integrated Editorial Timely notification emails advise you of any forthcoming legal regulation changes. Previous editorial information is also freely available online.

Fair Pricing

Our charges are calculated according to the number of ranges and users. We offer you a choice of annual or quarterly payment options.

Ease of Integration

Our Forms fully integrate with Case and Document Management Systems. Moving to Oyez Forms is straightforward with specialist support throughout the entire process.

Free Support

Our knowledgeable and experienced helpdesk team is always on hand to advise and help with any questions you may have. During a recent research project, Oyez customers gave our helpdesk the highest accolade possible - a truly outstanding 5 star rating!

Full Functionality

Our forms are easy to use and navigate. Practical benefits include a zoom facility, expandable forms, the ability to open more than one form at a time and to email forms for all to view.